2nd Week of #NetNarr . . . Still Super New :/

Sooooo . . . . After spending all this time thinking I am so tech-savy and up to date, but sadly I  have discovered there -is a whole world out here that is still untouched by my mind.  #NETNARR – a whole online world where people connect to talk about how to connect on the internet in different ways and then see that connection? I think, possibly.  Still trying to gain a definition in my head, but still none the less interesting.  This week my first #DDA was examining my connection to others on the internet and because i created a new identity on the web through twitter, I had absolutely no data to even represent my mark on the map.  I wanted to check my actual personal twitter account and I will do so soon, because that will truly be interesting.

The class itself is still very new and knew I would enjoy the experience of having  a teacher teaching from a remote location.  For this to be my last semester it is definitely an experience to talk about later in conversation.  The fact that this entire class is taking place within the social media world is right up my alley, so to speak.  I am always on social media, for other reasons than school of course, but this educational stand point of it is very nice.  Social media is the way within the new generation which offers many benefits to learning and expanding as a society.

On my twitter I am going to post my #dda and pick a new one to do before tonight.  Hopefully in class this week i get a better understanding of the meaning of #NetNarr and my general role within the community socially. 🙂

Here’s to a great week in the world of #NETNARR !


2 thoughts on “2nd Week of #NetNarr . . . Still Super New :/

  1. It’s to see your blog post appearing on the NetNarr board for out class; do you see it at http://netnarr.arganee.world/category/syndicated/kean-2018/

    There is always always even more that you do not know on the internet than you know. It’s been that way to me for more years than I think I wish to mention. The way through this, is to be connected to other people who can connect you with ideas, media, things they know about that you do not.

    I am happy to hear your enthusiasm. Keep bringing that to class.

    A few things that will help your blog post- add hyperlinks to your writing. What if someone reads this as the only thing they ever see from your blog. How will they know what #NetNarr is? The easy way is to select that text in your editor, click the little link icon, and add the web address to #NetNarr (did you see that trick!

    Use hyperlinks a lot in your writing, you can link to one of your DDA responses (each one has a link from the time/date stamp on it) but better yet, when you are editing in WordPress, if you paste that URL on a new line

    It will embed that tweet right into your post. This makes it much much easier to see your work, right in your own blog.

    Lastly, try adding some images to your posts, as screenshots of examples of your work, or something to represent a metaphor for what you are writing about. What can you communicate in a image is something we will be exploring. But also, the first image in your post is what appears when it shows up on the NetNarr site for Kean students.

    I’m also glad to hear you have experience in social media, but have made a different identity for this class. It’s interesting, as your own thought experiment, to try different representations of yourself.

    See you soon in class.

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