A Day To Remember . . .


Current URL http://web.archive.org/web/20131012023155/https://wiki.brown.edu/confluence/display/MarkTribe/Wolfgang+Staehle

Title of artwork: Empire 24/7

Artist Name: Wolfgang Staehle

When is it published on the web: 2001

Technologies Used: Digital Still Cameras, custom software, data projectors

Information about the piece: The artwork simply symbolizes how much freedom technology has given society.  A webcam captured this image, and this shows just how constant technology works.  It continues going even when other things stop. The camera caught shots of the attack on the Twin Towers during 911 and showed just how quaint technology tools can be.  Vital information for those attacks lies on the webcam set up by an artist for art purposes.

Grad Student I worked with: Stephanie Jones


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