Watch and Learn

Week three of #Netnarr down and I feel like I am getting the hang of this.  Being on social media for a class is actual one of the best assignments I have had in a long time !  I honestly do not ever recall a time a teacher has ever asked me to tweet or check my twitter, so this works for me lol.  In class this week we went on a scavenger hunt !!! It led us all around school as we gathered stuff to post on twitter replying to tweets from the professor.  This was fun to say the least, because it gave us the opportunity to connect with our classmates, as well as a chance to get out of the classroom for a bit and practice our photography skills. Here is a link to this twitter post.

Within this lesson I also had the opportunity to use my research skills.  Being a college student it seems like most of our job is to research, as it helps with the learning process.  We used a link given to us by my professor to look up a topic from a list given to us on google docs.  In this I was given a digital art image I had to look up and find the details on.  A Day To Remember . . .  

Follow the link and you can read my blog post all about it, and see the actual image I used.  It is cool now actually knowing how to link my previous work to my current blog. This helps to connect all the information together, and give people easy access to view it.  These are great skills to use in this social media era.  These really enhance the experience for everyone involved.

Lastly, to finish off my week with #netnarr I have completed a couple of #DDA’s (Daily Digital Alchemy)  on my twitter as well. #dda142 and #dda144


Thanks for reading, will post again net week with an update on my weekly experience in Digital Alchemy and the wonderful world of #netnarr !

P.S. Please give feedback and comments, its much appreciated


2 thoughts on “Watch and Learn

  1. “I honestly do not ever recall a time a teacher has ever asked me to tweet or check my twitter …”
    Those NetNarr profs sure are rebels!
    What I see from afar is you being engaged in this social media practice, of finding connections between your “real life” and your, ahem, “academic life” whereas normally, we enter a classroom and leave the real world behind. The bending/breaking of borders (like us, out here in the open web interacting with you, in the classes) is what gives NetNarr to be a potentially very different kind of learning experience.
    Make sure you replicate the connections with other folks in the NetNarr atmosphere! Pass the love on.

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