Selfie’s Rule!

This week in the world of #netnarr we explored “The Selfie”.  Deeper than that, we related it to the facial recognition identification  being used by Apple for many apps, and even their phones. ! The iPhone X allows you to open your phone through facial recognition aka a simple selfie flick and you have your password. We also spoke on the meaning of selfies and how big of a role a good selfie actually plays. Here’s one IMG_0621

My classmates and I talked about what selfies mean to your image and what you might be trying to describe in your image.  Selfies can speak volumes.  Moments are captured within them, that allows you to know where you might have been at that moment in time.  We also looked at an app  called Google Arts ad Culture, ,where you take a selfie and then you are matched to different well known artwork around the world, from years past to now.  I like this idea of putting yourself in the art, it truly then embodies you.  This is also a great way for artist to get their works sold, or even just seen.  This connects to world to pieces of art they may have never come across. Here are some of my results in the Arts and Cultures App

The matches were not dead on, but had some resemblances and i can see where they may have focused in on certain features within pictures. We dug deeper into this topic by speaking about the idea of differ races, and how this may be in some ways basis.  I feel my answers were all related to me.  I do not think much of the findings but that they are just interesting to have to look at and possibly open opportunities for having art pieces in my home related to me.  This may change the dynamics to a home (something for me to look into later).

I personally take selfies so I can capture particular moments of my life.  I like to see how far i have come, how things have changed, and selfies can show all of this.  When i’m in my 30’s, 40’s , and 50’s being able to look back at the moments that I can capture at any time. You can also put a location stamp on your photo now that track where you are at that particular time to the exact location, time, and date. Selfies are basically new age scrapbooks or photo albums.

Going deeper into the topic make me think of how models and celebrities use their image and selfies to brand themselves.  They are now being the models to their apparel and also to their own image.  Typical every day selfie pics on Instagram can mean big bucks for celebrities and many personalities due to exposure. Its a science they are using over there in Hollywood and it works. It is the wave of the new culture so to speak.

My #dda for the week is to post one of my actual #dda156 

This is a poem that is now in it’s third year of work and analysis.  I have used this poem to create and expand on in classes throughout my experience at Kean



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