Gifs and Gaming, The Two G’S!!

All of social media has some of the best forms of electric comedy known to man.  Gifs are comical pictures that can truly brighten the soul.  They offer a great enjoyment when scrolling through your different timelines and feeds, and sometimes they are even better than the actual people on your timeline posting.  They are a universal thing for those who have access to different forms of social media or blogging.  Even if you do not know where the exact picture came from, or what it is a reference too, the caption usually tells a different story that most people can find relatable and funny.  Gifs are all digital and can either be a moving image, or an actual video clip.  Creating gis are super easy through the tool Giphy maker, a website that allows you to make gifs through the use of online sources or even your own sources.

I was asked to create 4 forms of Gifs.  Two were made with a video that the entire class worked with and was able to do one with a caption and without a caption. (To view the one containing a caption click here.) (To view one without a caption click here). Both come from a clip from an old western movie and honestly, the clip had some very funny material for the Gifs I created.  Next, I was asked to make two gifs of my own choosing. I selected my all time favorite reality show, which was canceled, unfortunately :(, Bad Girls Club.  The show itself is very entertaining, and the girls from the show have some moments worth Gifing up, so to speak. (To view the one containing a caption click here.) (To view the one not containing a caption click here.)

DDA: Here are my results from DDA185 (Gamer Quiz )

Now on to Gaming . . . .

This week during class my teacher had us play a couple of online games.  Digital Alchemy 2 was probably the best thing I could have ever discovered.  I liked the game so much over this spring break I downloaded it, and I only have 35 more objects out of 661 to find.  I literally am hooked t this wonderful game now.  The objective of the game is to find all of the items known to human civilization.  The way you find the objects are literally by doing alchemy.  You mix and match items and the create other human objects, animals, abstract figures and more. The best part about it is the creating.  Like for instance a horse + double rainbow = unicorn.  Boom, it’s that simple! It’s just like coding but only with objects instead of letters or numbers.

In class, we discussed some the game we like to play.  I shared my love of sims and how addictive the game can become.  I can name several times hours and hours have passed while I just sat and hit different achievements.  It is an awesome experience until you actually have to get up and do stuff. sims 4 pic

The Sims 4 is the latest of sims, and so far it has been out for almost 2 years now.  The thing I like most about all of the Sims games, for the computer, is that you have complete control over everything that happens.  The sims for consoles are usually staged and there are different levels you have to beat to achieve things and that can get pretty hard when you still have to meet their most basic needs. My classmate wrote about me sharing my gaming experience in class. (Here it is)so go check it out!

Overall this week’s #netnarr experience has been a very positive one and has actually made me gain a new interest.  The alchemy part is beginning to show throughout this journey.


One thought on “Gifs and Gaming, The Two G’S!!

  1. Your GIFmaking skills are showing well here, you chose well for finding key segments in the videos to isolate in a GIF. Besides the fun, can you imagine ever a more serious or practical use of them? Can you get enjoyment of making a GIF that no no else ever sees?

    Your GIFs would work really much better embedded into your post rather than clicking away to Giphy to see them; in WordPress you can have them appear in the body of your post (and tweets too), if you put the URL for one, like on a blank line (I am not sure this will embed in a comment, but try it in a post)

    And I am smiling at how much you got into Alchemy. What was your approach for getting than many things created? Did you just try every combo? Consider how they might work? Look up info?

    Likewise, I am curious to hear more about what the draw is for the Sims, beyond the control you have. What is it that makes you invested in the outcome? And maybe explain a bit more for those (like me) who do not play (I’ve not seen the game since the first version of SimCity, long long ago).

    I enjoy reading your enthusiasm here, keep it going at that level.


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