Exploring Sound Waves of the World

This week has been an awesome and exciting week in exploring #netnarr and what it has to offer.  First, in class, we started with empathy games.  I was in the group that had to play Fake News, a game that allowed you to be in control of the fame news world and spark controversy on different social media platforms and news sites.  The sad truth about the game is that this happens more often than not.  Due to anyone with internet access being able to post on sites, some news may be fake or tampered with to get a reaction out of people.  Sometimes this works, and it generates different reactions from people who read these articles.  Our current President Trump is also someone who likes to take part in the twitter world and will post just about anything that comes into his mind to get a reaction from the world.  This goes to show how far some will go just to see how many people they can get to respond, or maybe even just gain a few followers.  Regardless, I feel it is a low tactic and news should only be real! The game simply showed me a part of something I already had a clue about, but this just confirmed it for me. It was interesting during our Tweet Chat discussion in class to hear the different opinions from my classmates on the other games they played.

I tried out the game Spent, and it offered a view of a life in poverty, which is not far from what most Americans are starting to see.  Even those in Middle Class are starting to see that money is getting tighter and things aren’t improving the economy.  This was definitely an empathy game and allowed me to see how hard it might be for others in life.  I found this game interesting as well as Bad News, both seemed to serve their purpose of provoking emotion from its game users.

Next, we talked about creating a digital story through sound.  We used Audacity to mix together different sound clips.  I decided to go to a concert of my choosing.  I wanted my audience to grasp that they were in a concert environment, but I definitely kept it personal with my music taste.  I call it a VIBE lol . . .  Super trendy and now!


I wasn’t sure how to make it embed,   so I will just leave the link here instead.  If anyone knows how to embed the link, please tell me.  It would be super helpful lol








One thought on “Exploring Sound Waves of the World

  1. I’m happy you found the game experience interesting this week. There’s more to the dynamic I think then just being that anyone can post that has created the current situation, there’s an allure for people to be drawn to words that affirm their own preset assumptions about the world. It becomes emotionally charged, eh?

    And the idea that we can absolutely trust any source is in question, which may not be a bad thing.

    I was eager to hear your sound, but the file has been deleted (?) At least I can see you have to mixing experience.

    The way to embed your sound is to put it on a line, but not as a hyperlink. In WordPress, when you paste the URL on a line as plain text, and press return, it should embed (it won’t work if the link does not exist).


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