One Egg, One Space! -Tamagachi Experience

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 11.12.12 AM

Once upon a time, I hatched an egg  . . .  With only 3 buttons !!!! Tamagachi was created by some very tech chic people if you ask me because 3 buttons and you basically had your own personal pet.  Collecting keychains to have different creatures, which were adorable, and absolutely necessary to all the kids in my class.  To see the computer form also take the exact same approach by having only three keys to work the different functions was also very cool to see. It unites the people who understood the message being sent, less is more.

Going into this little world all your own, where you owned something and watched it progressed was fun, and at times seemed challenging.  It was something to do in your spare time, but it could catch your attention for a long time after.

The computer version I was unable to get to work for me.  The three buttons they said to use do not seem to be working on my computer at the moment. I’m using my past experience with the game, and also my new found one through the app through Apple.  Almost a month ago I discovered it in the App store and for nostalgic purposes downloaded it.  At first, it seemed kind of fun, but then it became less entertaining after about 6 minutes of doing the same thing, and suddenly I noticed I was really attached that I began watching TV again.  I shortly ended up deleting it because of all of the alerts I received telling me to “come back and play”.  Seemed do less interesting then it uses to be.

Still, think the game itself was a wonderful idea and added a sense of responsibility to a 3rd graders life!!



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