Week 10 – Exploring Games and Creative Ideas

This week was very interesting to me.  Students from Egypt are creating ideas for Game Ideas and we got a first look at some of their blogs about their games. The topics were not all about fun games though, some were more serious games to put out a message.  I looked at a student named Aly’s Drug Addiction game, which would be a more informative game.  Choosing different drugs at a different point through your virtual adolescence and young adult life will give you different results.  Through this, you will learn the different effects of drugs and how dangerous they can be.  I found this very interesting with the age group it decided to target, high school student and College students.  This is a peak time when most try to experiment with drugs, so I feel that the message will be received by the audience it needs to reach.

Our assignment in our Kean class is to put together a podcast type of interview with the students, hopefully, from Egypt.  I will take the soundbites of my different questions and answers (hopefully) and create a podcast interview.  We will be using the Audacity program we just learned about to piece together the interview.

I enjoyed seeing the different ideas each Egypt student had with their games.  Each was creative and offered a new experience to the “gaming” world.  Not every game played is for fun, but in some ways to reach a certain goal or send a message.

We posted our audio clips using Padlet.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 9.03.05 PM.png

These are my audio post, two questions I asked to Aly about the game.  I was able to connect my audio clips to the post so when she goes to view the post of her game, she will see my interview questions there as well.  Hopefully, I get a response so I’m able to put the audio clips together.  If not I will answer the questions with the answer I will e assuming.  I may be able to add music in the background if I can figure out how to control the level of it so my words can still be heard over it.  We have until the 10th, so I guess we will see.



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