Mapping Things Out (Redlining)

This week we looked into digital redlining, and even looked into how a few game board maps were designed to replicate certain cities or countries.  I chose to look specifically at the pokemon game board.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 5.48.22 PM.png

I looked at it specifically in Newark, because this is a major area near my school.   It also has a good overlapping pattern to follow, which we would later use when have to match up this map, with the ma of Newark, NJ.

Using the website H5P we overlapped a regular redlined map of Newark. Nj.  (Shown Below)

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 6.55.54 PM.png

This link here will take you to the finished result, where I can see a comparison of the 2 maps, and possibly determine if they may have some type of relation to where the most poke stops or actual pokemon are placed.

Digital redlining can also be used to see certain signs of gentrification in society.  It shows certain patterns that may be used by different cable companies, phone companies, electric/power companies, or any other company they may be in charge of distribution of housing, or other necessities people may need to survive in an area.  This can be the determining factor of where certain products or things may be sold, and this creates a nonequal opportunity when looking at society as a whole.  This map is from the 1930’s, and still shows signs of being effective in the stats showing how the are distributes it;’s factors.

I enjoyed doing this exercise, although I will say I needed help from my classmates.  I found it hard trying to crop the actual images with Adobe.  It had to be precise in order to have the images overlap each other.  it was important as well to zoom in enough on the actual maps so you could overlap the same sections almost.  In class, we followed the shape of the water that forms around Newark, because that was easy to depict as you zoomed in on the different maps.  All very good skills I plan to surely see again at some point, and great to know I now have them a little more polished.

Overall, an awesome week exploring #netnarr




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