Gaming Narrative !



Here is the gaming narrative I worked on.  Last week in my weekly Egypt mentioned how wwe posted questions to the student in the egypt class, working ontheir gaming idea project.  We asked questions and hped to get a response.  Due to the students being on their spring break, I did not get the opportunity to get the questions answered, but in this “podcast” type of narrative I explained why I chose this game idea to look at, and how I felt it could be impactful to the students.

I used Audacity to record my actual narrative, and edited my questions on to the end, just for time sake.  I also went through and tried to remove all of the “ummmm”, “and”, as well as the “like’s” that I said throughout me talking, and it just sounded annoying, to say the least, lol.  I added birds sporadically through the audio instead of continuously because I wanted to give a realistic outside feel, and I know for me outside I can get lost and sometimes so consumed with what I am doing that I miss the slight chirping from the birds. Every once in a while though I do hear it again and again, so it gave it a more talkative feel.

It was fun getting into the technical details of the interview.  it made it sound a bit more polished, but it can still use a lot of work.


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