One Egg, One Space! -Tamagachi Experience

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Once upon a time, I hatched an egg  . . .  With only 3 buttons !!!! Tamagachi was created by some very tech chic people if you ask me because 3 buttons and you basically had your own personal pet.  Collecting keychains to have different creatures, which were adorable, and absolutely necessary to all the kids in my class.  To see the computer form also take the exact same approach by having only three keys to work the different functions was also very cool to see. It unites the people who understood the message being sent, less is more.

Going into this little world all your own, where you owned something and watched it progressed was fun, and at times seemed challenging.  It was something to do in your spare time, but it could catch your attention for a long time after.

The computer version I was unable to get to work for me.  The three buttons they said to use do not seem to be working on my computer at the moment. I’m using my past experience with the game, and also my new found one through the app through Apple.  Almost a month ago I discovered it in the App store and for nostalgic purposes downloaded it.  At first, it seemed kind of fun, but then it became less entertaining after about 6 minutes of doing the same thing, and suddenly I noticed I was really attached that I began watching TV again.  I shortly ended up deleting it because of all of the alerts I received telling me to “come back and play”.  Seemed do less interesting then it uses to be.

Still, think the game itself was a wonderful idea and added a sense of responsibility to a 3rd graders life!!



Exploring Sound Waves of the World

This week has been an awesome and exciting week in exploring #netnarr and what it has to offer.  First, in class, we started with empathy games.  I was in the group that had to play Fake News, a game that allowed you to be in control of the fame news world and spark controversy on different social media platforms and news sites.  The sad truth about the game is that this happens more often than not.  Due to anyone with internet access being able to post on sites, some news may be fake or tampered with to get a reaction out of people.  Sometimes this works, and it generates different reactions from people who read these articles.  Our current President Trump is also someone who likes to take part in the twitter world and will post just about anything that comes into his mind to get a reaction from the world.  This goes to show how far some will go just to see how many people they can get to respond, or maybe even just gain a few followers.  Regardless, I feel it is a low tactic and news should only be real! The game simply showed me a part of something I already had a clue about, but this just confirmed it for me. It was interesting during our Tweet Chat discussion in class to hear the different opinions from my classmates on the other games they played.

I tried out the game Spent, and it offered a view of a life in poverty, which is not far from what most Americans are starting to see.  Even those in Middle Class are starting to see that money is getting tighter and things aren’t improving the economy.  This was definitely an empathy game and allowed me to see how hard it might be for others in life.  I found this game interesting as well as Bad News, both seemed to serve their purpose of provoking emotion from its game users.

Next, we talked about creating a digital story through sound.  We used Audacity to mix together different sound clips.  I decided to go to a concert of my choosing.  I wanted my audience to grasp that they were in a concert environment, but I definitely kept it personal with my music taste.  I call it a VIBE lol . . .  Super trendy and now!

I wasn’t sure how to make it embed,   so I will just leave the link here instead.  If anyone knows how to embed the link, please tell me.  It would be super helpful lol







Gifs and Gaming, The Two G’S!!

All of social media has some of the best forms of electric comedy known to man.  Gifs are comical pictures that can truly brighten the soul.  They offer a great enjoyment when scrolling through your different timelines and feeds, and sometimes they are even better than the actual people on your timeline posting.  They are a universal thing for those who have access to different forms of social media or blogging.  Even if you do not know where the exact picture came from, or what it is a reference too, the caption usually tells a different story that most people can find relatable and funny.  Gifs are all digital and can either be a moving image, or an actual video clip.  Creating gis are super easy through the tool Giphy maker, a website that allows you to make gifs through the use of online sources or even your own sources.

I was asked to create 4 forms of Gifs.  Two were made with a video that the entire class worked with and was able to do one with a caption and without a caption. (To view the one containing a caption click here.) (To view one without a caption click here). Both come from a clip from an old western movie and honestly, the clip had some very funny material for the Gifs I created.  Next, I was asked to make two gifs of my own choosing. I selected my all time favorite reality show, which was canceled, unfortunately :(, Bad Girls Club.  The show itself is very entertaining, and the girls from the show have some moments worth Gifing up, so to speak. (To view the one containing a caption click here.) (To view the one not containing a caption click here.)

DDA: Here are my results from DDA185 (Gamer Quiz )

Now on to Gaming . . . .

This week during class my teacher had us play a couple of online games.  Digital Alchemy 2 was probably the best thing I could have ever discovered.  I liked the game so much over this spring break I downloaded it, and I only have 35 more objects out of 661 to find.  I literally am hooked t this wonderful game now.  The objective of the game is to find all of the items known to human civilization.  The way you find the objects are literally by doing alchemy.  You mix and match items and the create other human objects, animals, abstract figures and more. The best part about it is the creating.  Like for instance a horse + double rainbow = unicorn.  Boom, it’s that simple! It’s just like coding but only with objects instead of letters or numbers.

In class, we discussed some the game we like to play.  I shared my love of sims and how addictive the game can become.  I can name several times hours and hours have passed while I just sat and hit different achievements.  It is an awesome experience until you actually have to get up and do stuff. sims 4 pic

The Sims 4 is the latest of sims, and so far it has been out for almost 2 years now.  The thing I like most about all of the Sims games, for the computer, is that you have complete control over everything that happens.  The sims for consoles are usually staged and there are different levels you have to beat to achieve things and that can get pretty hard when you still have to meet their most basic needs. My classmate wrote about me sharing my gaming experience in class. (Here it is)so go check it out!

Overall this week’s #netnarr experience has been a very positive one and has actually made me gain a new interest.  The alchemy part is beginning to show throughout this journey.

Selfie’s Rule!

This week in the world of #netnarr we explored “The Selfie”.  Deeper than that, we related it to the facial recognition identification  being used by Apple for many apps, and even their phones. ! The iPhone X allows you to open your phone through facial recognition aka a simple selfie flick and you have your password. We also spoke on the meaning of selfies and how big of a role a good selfie actually plays. Here’s one IMG_0621

My classmates and I talked about what selfies mean to your image and what you might be trying to describe in your image.  Selfies can speak volumes.  Moments are captured within them, that allows you to know where you might have been at that moment in time.  We also looked at an app  called Google Arts ad Culture, ,where you take a selfie and then you are matched to different well known artwork around the world, from years past to now.  I like this idea of putting yourself in the art, it truly then embodies you.  This is also a great way for artist to get their works sold, or even just seen.  This connects to world to pieces of art they may have never come across. Here are some of my results in the Arts and Cultures App

The matches were not dead on, but had some resemblances and i can see where they may have focused in on certain features within pictures. We dug deeper into this topic by speaking about the idea of differ races, and how this may be in some ways basis.  I feel my answers were all related to me.  I do not think much of the findings but that they are just interesting to have to look at and possibly open opportunities for having art pieces in my home related to me.  This may change the dynamics to a home (something for me to look into later).

I personally take selfies so I can capture particular moments of my life.  I like to see how far i have come, how things have changed, and selfies can show all of this.  When i’m in my 30’s, 40’s , and 50’s being able to look back at the moments that I can capture at any time. You can also put a location stamp on your photo now that track where you are at that particular time to the exact location, time, and date. Selfies are basically new age scrapbooks or photo albums.

Going deeper into the topic make me think of how models and celebrities use their image and selfies to brand themselves.  They are now being the models to their apparel and also to their own image.  Typical every day selfie pics on Instagram can mean big bucks for celebrities and many personalities due to exposure. Its a science they are using over there in Hollywood and it works. It is the wave of the new culture so to speak.

My #dda for the week is to post one of my actual #dda156 

This is a poem that is now in it’s third year of work and analysis.  I have used this poem to create and expand on in classes throughout my experience at Kean


Watch and Learn

Week three of #Netnarr down and I feel like I am getting the hang of this.  Being on social media for a class is actual one of the best assignments I have had in a long time !  I honestly do not ever recall a time a teacher has ever asked me to tweet or check my twitter, so this works for me lol.  In class this week we went on a scavenger hunt !!! It led us all around school as we gathered stuff to post on twitter replying to tweets from the professor.  This was fun to say the least, because it gave us the opportunity to connect with our classmates, as well as a chance to get out of the classroom for a bit and practice our photography skills. Here is a link to this twitter post.

Within this lesson I also had the opportunity to use my research skills.  Being a college student it seems like most of our job is to research, as it helps with the learning process.  We used a link given to us by my professor to look up a topic from a list given to us on google docs.  In this I was given a digital art image I had to look up and find the details on.  A Day To Remember . . .  

Follow the link and you can read my blog post all about it, and see the actual image I used.  It is cool now actually knowing how to link my previous work to my current blog. This helps to connect all the information together, and give people easy access to view it.  These are great skills to use in this social media era.  These really enhance the experience for everyone involved.

Lastly, to finish off my week with #netnarr I have completed a couple of #DDA’s (Daily Digital Alchemy)  on my twitter as well. #dda142 and #dda144


Thanks for reading, will post again net week with an update on my weekly experience in Digital Alchemy and the wonderful world of #netnarr !

P.S. Please give feedback and comments, its much appreciated

A Day To Remember . . .


Current URL

Title of artwork: Empire 24/7

Artist Name: Wolfgang Staehle

When is it published on the web: 2001

Technologies Used: Digital Still Cameras, custom software, data projectors

Information about the piece: The artwork simply symbolizes how much freedom technology has given society.  A webcam captured this image, and this shows just how constant technology works.  It continues going even when other things stop. The camera caught shots of the attack on the Twin Towers during 911 and showed just how quaint technology tools can be.  Vital information for those attacks lies on the webcam set up by an artist for art purposes.

Grad Student I worked with: Stephanie Jones

2nd Week of #NetNarr . . . Still Super New :/

Sooooo . . . . After spending all this time thinking I am so tech-savy and up to date, but sadly I  have discovered there -is a whole world out here that is still untouched by my mind.  #NETNARR – a whole online world where people connect to talk about how to connect on the internet in different ways and then see that connection? I think, possibly.  Still trying to gain a definition in my head, but still none the less interesting.  This week my first #DDA was examining my connection to others on the internet and because i created a new identity on the web through twitter, I had absolutely no data to even represent my mark on the map.  I wanted to check my actual personal twitter account and I will do so soon, because that will truly be interesting.

The class itself is still very new and knew I would enjoy the experience of having  a teacher teaching from a remote location.  For this to be my last semester it is definitely an experience to talk about later in conversation.  The fact that this entire class is taking place within the social media world is right up my alley, so to speak.  I am always on social media, for other reasons than school of course, but this educational stand point of it is very nice.  Social media is the way within the new generation which offers many benefits to learning and expanding as a society.

On my twitter I am going to post my #dda and pick a new one to do before tonight.  Hopefully in class this week i get a better understanding of the meaning of #NetNarr and my general role within the community socially. 🙂

Here’s to a great week in the world of #NETNARR !